Reinier Baas - Negative Nancy (Feat. Joris Roelofs, Chaerin Im, Bughouse Boy Choir, Louis Cole) (Dox Records)

Oene van Geel - The Tunnel (Feat. Chaerin Im) (ZenneZ Records)


Chaerin Im & Matteo Mazzù | Live at Tempel Amsterdam

Improvisation with Eurorack systems

Warm Hands - Song youngnam, Chaerin Im

2230 - Kirin, HYNGSN (8balltown)

Sun-Mi Hong Quintet - Care Less (Edition Records)

Oene van Geel’s Untravelled Land - premier concert in Splendor (June,2023)

Ilia Rayskin’s Introspections - Red & Blue (Dox Records)
Featured on Fender Rhodes

Ketija Ringa Quintet - For now

Amarea - Strange Room

Ketija Ringa Quintet - Amarte Studio Concert

 KAMA Kollektiv - jazzahead! digital 2021

Sun-Mi Hong Quintet - jazzahead! didigtal 2021

Sun-Mi Hong Quintet - Third Page: Resonance (Edition Records)

Producing some party music as Sunburst Club (Warner Music Korea) ︎

Some ambient music too ... ︎